About the “Expelled” Animation

In case you missed the flap over the animation of cellular processes in the upcoming movie Expelled, here’s the nutshell version: People at prerelease screenings said they saw footage from XVIVO/Harvard’s The Inner Life of the Cell. Bits of very similar animation appear in promotional clips for the movie such as this one. There’s a […]

What’s Up With “Expelled”?

On Saturday, I signed up for a screening of Expelled, and got a confirmation by email (two, actually, but that’s a different and altogether less interesting story) for the Apr. 1 showing in Owings Mills, MD. Now, however, that show doesn’t appear on the RSVP web site. In fact, right now that site doesn’t list […]

Is David Berlinski Redecorating His Home?

For those who don’t know, David Berlinski is one of the Disco Tute’s pet “scientists”. If you’ve seen the movie Expelled, he’s the one who spent his entire interview practically lying on his couch, spouting airy nonsense filled with sesquipedalian words. The IDists love him because in addition to being an evolution denialist, he’s also […]

Win Ben Stein’s Argument

Remember Expelled, the wretched movie starring Ben Stein in which he argued that science — and evolution in particular — causes things like the Holocaust? Now, at BeliefNet, David Klinghoffer has an article in which he insinuates the same claim about von Brunn, the guy who recently walked into the Holocaust museum downtown and started […]