I Must’ve Slept Through the Nuclear War

As I mentioned earlier, Yisrayl Hawkins (formerly Buffalo Bill Hawkins) of the House of Yahweh predicted that there’d be a nuclear war on Sep. 12, 2006. And as you may have noticed, it didn’t happen.

The good people at Boing Boing came up with a list of possible excuses that Hawkins could use to explain why the nuclear holocaust didn’t happen.

Right now, his web page has the tantalizing headline

The House of Yahweh Prophecy of 9-12-2006 Has Been Fulfilled
Stay tuned for upcoming details

I’m curious to see what excuse he’ll come up with, but if it’s anything like his original prophecy, it’ll be ten dense pages of intricate rationalization, rather than something clear but goofy.

Update: I’m also amused by the bit on his web page that says:

Thursday, September 14, 2006
-2 days remaining before the start of nuclear war

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