2 thoughts on “77.1 µHz…

  1. PZ Myers:

    OK, so how did you calculate that?

    I wrote this quick and dirty Perl script to crawl the scienceblogs.com/pharyngula archives and print a summary with each post’s timestamp and title. The output is here.

    grep ^200 outputfile | wc filtered out the debugging noise and gave me the number of posts (2238). I also pulled out the first and last post times on the list, and plugged them into another ad hoc Perl script; this one converted the timestamp string into Unix time_t format (seconds since Jan. 1, 1970), and divided the number of articles by the time elapsed from the first post to the last, giving

    2238 posts in 29028313 sec. == 7.70971430547824e-05 Hz == 77.0971430547824uHz

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