Retelling the Classics

Once, there was a man who had two children. One day, they said to each other, “You know what we should do? Make some movies and put them on the Internet, so everyone can see them.” So they built characters out of modeling clay, and sets out of cardboard. They made some stop-motion animations with a webcam they had lying around, and uploaded their shorts to YouTube. After a while, they learned quite a bit about how to make movies.

One day, their father surfed around the net to see his children’s movies and find out what they had been up to. It turned out that they had quite a lot of fans, including one person who worked in Hollywood and was trying to work out a deal for them to make a feature-length motion picture.

The father thought to himself, “Wow. If these kids can achieve so much with just a cheap camera and some clay, there’s nothing they won’t be able to do.”

So he took away his children’s modeling clay, burned the cardboard sets, and smashed their camera. So they stopped filming, and never did make that feature film.

(HT whoever for the original.)

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