Pointless Playlist

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but here’s a morsel until I can
post something more substantive:

  1. Faithless, Scritti Politti
  2. Fearless, VNV Nation
  3. Helpless, X Marks the Pedwalk
  4. Ruthless, Cabaret Voltaire
  5. Speechless, Laurie Anderson
  6. Useless, Depeche Mode
  7. Nevertheless, The Rutles

2 thoughts on “Pointless Playlist

  1. Seamless, Archive
    Breathless, Robert Fripp
    Cloudless, Peter Gabriel
    Guiltless, Martin Grech
    Starless, King Crimson
    Sleepless, King Crimson
    Thoughtless, Korn
    Fearless, Pink Floyd
    Restless, UNKLE
    Lawless, UNKLE

  2. I was trying to avoid duplicates, which is why I didn’t include Pink Floyd’s Fearless or Rush’s Faithless.

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