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Hachèlème bouguille

Way back when, when I was converting my tape collection to MP3, I ran across a song by legendary Genevan blues-rockers (don’t laugh) Le Beau lac de Bâle that I couldn’t recognize. It didn’t seem to correspond to any songs in the album track listings I could find. I tried googling the lyrics, but couldn’t find anything (yes, Virginia, there are things even Google can’t find).

Eventually, I stumbled upon this 45 RPM single, and learned that the mystery song was called “Hachèlème bouguille”.

You can listen to it here.

So as a favor to the next person to run into the same problem, here are the lyrics, in a form that Google can track down:

Vous vivez à sept dans un trois-pièces aux Palettes
J’attrape la migraine en y venant une fois par semaine

Ton frère Jean-Paul écoute toute la nuit Sex Pistols
Et ta soeur Yvette écoute du Wagner aux toilettes

Quitte cette maison de fous
Tu ferais mieux de venir avec nous
On est sympa comme tout
On t’offrira tout plein de Sugus et de cachous

Ton père est pervers, il ne joue qu’au strip poker
Il picole en caleçon devant la télévision

Ta mère tous les matins chante la messe en latin
Oui mais tous les soirs elle chante du rock dans sa baignoire

Quitte cette maison de fous…

Le petit Victor fait du ski dans l’corridor
Et la petite Aline, elle est en froc dans la cuisine

Et le grand Raoul qu’est dev’nu maboul à Kaboul
(Choubidoubi choubidoua)
Sur le balcon, il a une drôle de plantation
(Choubidoubi choubidoua)

Quitte cette maison de fous… (bis)

Quitte cette maison de fous
Et on t’offrira tout plein
Tout plein
Tout plein
De quoi?
De Sugus
De Sugus
De Sugus
Et de cachous

Okay, I should probably have posted this in French, shouldn’t I?

2 thoughts on “Hachèlème bouguille

  1. So you’re saying it’s not just because of my poor French skills that I can’t make sense of that? 😉

    (Mind you, what I can make out doesn’t make much less sense than your average Yes lyrics, and they wrote in English….)

  2. Eamon Knight:
    Don’t forget Rush. I mean, does “A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission” actually mean anything?

    I see I forgot to mention “humorous” in front of “blues-rockers”, above. So yeah, it’s intended to be funny rather than pretentious.

    But as a public service, here’s a quick and dirty translation:

    The seven of you live in a three-room apartment at the Palettes
    I get a headache just from visiting once a week

    Your brother Jean-Paul listens to the Sex Pistols all night long
    And your sister Yvette listens to Wagner in the bathroom

    Leave this madhouse
    You’d be better off coming with us
    We’re nice as anything
    We’ll give you lots of Sugus and candy

    Your father’s a pervert and only plays strip poker
    He drinks in his underwear in front of the TV

    Your mother sings mass in Latin every morning
    But every evening she rocks out in the bathtub


    Little Victor skis through the hallway
    And little Aline [wears pants? I couldn’t make this out] in the kitchen

    And big Raoul who went nuts in Kabul
    Has some weird plants on the balcony

    (extended chorus)

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