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Maryland Gay Marriage Bill Fails

Well, fuckbunnies. The bill to allow gay marriage in Maryland passed the state Senate, got out of committee in the House, avoided getting stuck with several amendments (that would have sent it back to the Senate), and finally got to floor debate in the House, only to be sent back to committee.

The proponents of the bill figured they didn’t have enough votes to pass it. And AIUI sending the bill back to committee rather than allowing it to be voted on meant not forcing delegates to reveal how they would have voted. I’m just speculating here, but for all I know there might also be some procedural reason, like if a bill fails, it can’t be reintroduced for another two years; not having an actual vote might mean that it can be reintroduced sooner than that.

This is disappointing, but life goes on. I have no doubt that gay marriage will eventually become as normal as interracial marriage.

In the meantime, go home, knock back a couple of rum and cokes, and fantasize about the patriarchs at NOM gagging on a bag of cocks. You know that a lot of them will be doing the same.

2 thoughts on “Maryland Gay Marriage Bill Fails

  1. Let NOM and the other bigots keep fighting the inevitable. In two generations hardly anybody will remember why this was a big deal.

    ♫ Ti-ii-i-ime is on our side… yes it is! ♪

  2. Pocket Nerd:
    Yes, it is. Just as a point of reference, Loving v. Virginia was in 1967, 44 years ago. According to teh Twitter, one of the speeches on the MD House floor yesterday was by a delegate who remembered that decision, and it being criticized as judicial activism at the time.

    Call me an optimist, but I don’t think it’ll take two generations. Well, outside of the more bigoted areas of the country, at any rate. But of course delay is frustrating.

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