Me? On the Radio?

Yeah. The UMD Society of Inquiry has a radio show on WMUC (5 watts, broadcasting to the greater South Campus Commons Area. But it’s not owned by ClearChannel, which counts for something). One of the guys who was supposed to do the show today had to bail, so I got pulled in as an emergency backup replacement.

On the off chance that you’re interested, the show can be downloaded here (and the last 30 seconds here) until next Monday.

2 thoughts on “Me? On the Radio?

  1. I just listened to a good chunk of that, and to echo what Mark Coletti said on Google Buzz about it, you definitely came off sounding more confident than your co-host. But then again, for a college-aged male of the nerd persuasion, hosting a radio show might not be the easiest thing. I guess my advice to your co-host is to work on eliminating all of the “Ums” and other fillers.

    And you might as well save a mirror of it on your own server and host it permanently so this post doesn’t suffer from linkrot soon.

  2. Thanks for reminding me to check Google Buzz. I’ve got the option set to deliver Buzz stuff to my Gmail inbox, and I’ve got the option set to forward my Gmail mail to where I normally read email, so why isn’t it doing the obvious thing and forwarding Buzz to my regular mailbox?

    Oh, and I’ve got my private copy of the audio stashed away. But my web server is on the underpowered side, and I don’t feel like leaving a big MP3 file lying around for every Tom, Dick, and SiteCrawler.

    Oddly enough, I found it was harder to fill sixty minutes with talk than I thought. In ordinary conversation, I speak when I have something to say, but it’s also nice to sit back and listen to what other people are saying. Here, I was trying to plod forward with the current sentence, then looking up stuff to say while my partner was talking. And of course while music was playing, we’d plan the next few minutes.

    All in all, it was interesting, and I’d do it again, but I’d prefer to have more time to prepare.

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