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A Republican Drama

Via @Billy, Just Billy, who saved screenshots: https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/838866195092647936 https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/879426978087960576 https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/908360475405987841 https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/910244887223664641 I understand that the reason his insurance claim was denied is that he was using his own car for his job (delivering pizza), but had a personal insurance policy, not a professional one, which costs more but covers job-related accidents. So now he’s running a… Continue reading A Republican Drama

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Pope Accused of Covering Up Child Rape in Argentina

Just a reminder that the Catholic Church’s child-abuse coverup scandal isn’t over. According to Le Monde (in French only; sorry. But here’s a story from last year about this case), lawyers are accusing the Catholic church of covering up child rape and abuse in Italy and Argentina, the current pope’s old stomping grounds. Not only… Continue reading Pope Accused of Covering Up Child Rape in Argentina

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Church Graffiti: “Trump Nation, Whites Only”

(Update: WTOP and the Silver Spring Patch have the story.) The Episcopal Diocese of Washington tells us that a banner at their church in Hillandale, MD was defaced last night: On the back of a banner advertising mass in Spanish, someone wrote “Trump Nation” and “whites only”. Does it really need to be said that this kind… Continue reading Church Graffiti: “Trump Nation, Whites Only”