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Hell Is a School, Apparently

By now, you’ve all seen this T-shirt, which began circulating approximately several years before 17 people were killed at Stoneman Douglas High School, in Florida: As many people have pointed out, the implication is that, against all theology, God—or at least the God of sanctimonious T-shirt wearers—is not omnipresent. That a simple legislative measure is sufficient to… Continue reading Hell Is a School, Apparently

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A Republican Drama

Via @Billy, Just Billy, who saved screenshots: https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/838866195092647936 https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/879426978087960576 https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/908360475405987841 https://twitter.com/sassygayrepub/status/910244887223664641 I understand that the reason his insurance claim was denied is that he was using his own car for his job (delivering pizza), but had a personal insurance policy, not a professional one, which costs more but covers job-related accidents. So now he’s running a… Continue reading A Republican Drama

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Triggered by the Right Side of History

There’s a bit of controversy going on at Yorktown High School in Virginia, where teachers have put up signs: Patriots Know: Facts are not political Diversity stengthens [sic] us Science is real Women’s rights are human rights Justice is for all We’re all immigrants Kindness is everything We are Yorktown I gather that “Patriots” is the name… Continue reading Triggered by the Right Side of History


Now What?

So we’ve survived the first week of Trump’s presidency. Have some cake. If you were one of the many people who took part in activism, pat yourself on the back. If you weren’t, it’s not too late to start. It’s great that everyone’s riled up. And while we’re pumped up and paying attention to government,… Continue reading Now What?

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A Modest Proposal for Anti-Abortion Catholics (and Some Others)

When I recently ran across yet another of BillDo’s rants against abortion, I was struck by an idea: during transubstantiation, a priest turns a piece of bread into living flesh. But surely this is a reversible operation, no? People turn living wheat into nonliving bread all the time. In addition, if there’s any kind of conservation… Continue reading A Modest Proposal for Anti-Abortion Catholics (and Some Others)