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What the Hell Is Wrong With the Obama Administration?

Okay, let’s recap: Obama campaigned in part on a promise to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Which is great, because a majority of Americans, including many (perhaps most) in the military want it repealed. Then, once elected, he did nothing about it. Okay, I can chalk that up to priorities (the economy had to come… Continue reading What the Hell Is Wrong With the Obama Administration?

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BillDo Lies About Stem Cell Ban

Today, BillDo put out a release boldly proclaiming “Obama to okay killing embryos“. It is precisely because there are ethical alternatives to killing embryos that President Obama’s decision is doubly flawed: (a) it is immoral to intentionally destroy nascent human life, and (b) it is even more irresponsible to do so when morally acceptable alternatives… Continue reading BillDo Lies About Stem Cell Ban

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Obama’s Faith-Based Initiatives: WTF?

During his electoral campaign, Obama promised to keep and expand Bush’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. This morning, the AP has this story: Obama is also telling the gathering that the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships that he is announcing Thursday won’t favor any religious group, or favor religious groups over secular groups.… Continue reading Obama’s Faith-Based Initiatives: WTF?



In light of the right-wing hordes calling Obama a socialist for daring to raise taxes on the rich, I’m amused by dKos’s compilation of times when McCain has expressed the same sentiment: [youtube] Not to mention this quotation that I found a long time ago, but which seems especially apt right now: The US… Continue reading So☭ialism